How to make an anonymous blog

It’s a well known fact that a websites and blogs that have raw truthful information succeed incredibly well. Just take a look at any news website and you will see that they are pulling more traffic then some of the biggest commercial websites in the world. It’s also a well known fact that websites and blogs that have information that is taboo also do really well. Just take the blog “Girl with a one track mind“, most of my mates can’t even access the website from their office pc’s as it’s categorized as “Pornography”. The blog was created by a girl that really has a one track mind and has no problem discussing her sex life and what happened in the smallest details (no pun intended). Her blog has become an international success and she has even published 2 books because of the posts on her blog.

The bottom line (pun intended) is that her blog is raw and truthful. She writes what others only think and would not dream of even telling their closest friends. How many thoughts do you have running through your head that you wouldn’t want your closest mates to know??? Exactly…. and if you were to find a blog that was telling it exactly like it is, you would relate and also feel re-assured that you are not the only person on the planet with these thoughts.

Now before we get too carried away, I’m not suggesting that every site had to be about sex and your sex life.. far from it. Your deepest darkest thoughts might have nothing to do with sex at all but you might still not want to say them out loud. The author of ‘Girl with a one track mind” started her blog anonymously, probably due to the implications it would have caused if people really knew who she was… Just think if you have gone into the most intimate details of your sex life and your entire office are reading it knowing that you are the one writing the information. Not a great idea at all really…

Unfortunately for the author of a Girl with a one track mind, is that she was found out and her true identity was revealed. Make no mistake, she is not the only ‘anonymous’ blogger that has ended up having their identity revealed but if you have something to share with the world or have something to get off your chest, there are a few things you can do so protect your true identity. Let’s have a look at a few of these.

  • Registering your own domain name is a bad idea! Yes there are hosting companies that allow you to pay a little extra to have your information protected so others cannot find out your information through a whois, but there are also certain legal requirements that might force them to reveal your true identity. It’s amazing how a simple legal letter can get people jumping and suddenly have them giving all your information to the lawyers even if the legal document was more of a bluff than anything else.

Even if you do decide to register your own domain name and use fictitious details, you need to remember you need to pay for that hosting and the domain name. Your credit card speaks more than a thousand words.

  • Using a nickname that someone might relate to you is a fundamentally STUPID idea. I have a few friends that have fictitious twitter accounts so they can speak their mind without their friends knowing what they are saying. By the way, if you are on of my mates with a fictitious twitter account, I’ve probably been reading all your tweets because you went for the obvious username and I found you.


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